Should a Dancer Invest in Professional Photographs?

Every dancer needs to have some good photos. They need these photos to bring with them to auditions, to send through the post when applying for jobs, to send to agents and in many other instances. They are one of the ‘essentials’ for a dancer.

The photos that a dancer uses for promotional purposes should always be done by a professional photographer. You can spend thousands of pounds on your training at dance studios and college, but what’s the point if your $10 photos are going to let you down?

Your photos are an investment and an important investment. It’s not a decision that should be made lightly and you should have a look at the work of several potential photographers before deciding on one that can help deliver a portfolio of shots that will reflect you in the best light.

A dancer who sends off professional photos for a job looks exactly that – professional. Looking like an amateur doesn’t help you in any way, unless of course you’re looking for amateur roles.

A professional photographer will know how to make you look good and have ideas of their own as well. Your photographer should be someone who is familiar with photographing dancers and what a dancer’s needs are.

There are many photographers to choose from, you can find out about them from industry books, websites, dance studios and also other dancers. Many photographers also have their own websites so you can compare different photographers easily and see which ones will work out best for you.

If it’s your first photography shoot and you need some shots straight away, a portfolio package that will give you many different shots can be a good idea and help you get started on a good platform.

Also bear in mind any additional cost such as buying a CD of images, buying prints and any other costs so you know what you’re getting. Don’t expect to get good photographers for cheap, however there are some real bargains out there who may not charge much but offer terrific value.

If there’s an investment that can pay itself off it’s your photos. Though they’ll rarely get you the job, they’ll give you the first opportunity. And as dancers opportunities are what’s needed. Opportunities to go to auditions and castings and impress.

In this day of internet and also email where you can request examples of a photographer’s work, there’s no reason not to do your research and find a good deal for yourself with a photographer you’re confident will deliver just the photos for you.